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  • Introduction
    Welcome to the official website of Roger Michael, a true leader in nightlife promotion and marketing with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Hailing from Britain, Roger has continuously pushed the boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide, and garnering widespread acclaim for his unparalleled achievements and remarkable contributions. Acknowledged as a pioneer in his field, Roger has earned a multitude of accolades and graced the pages of renowned publications such as GQ Germany, British Elle, Brazilian Vogue, The Face, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, ES Magazine, and The Telegraph Magazine. His impact on London's social landscape was duly recognised when he was featured on the Evening Standard's prestigious list of London's 1000 most influential people in both 2009 and 2010. Roger's expertise extends far beyond the realms of nightlife. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned luxury brands, expanding his knowledge across diverse fields. In 2003, he successfully established the thriving I AM ROCKSTAR brand, embodying his visionary approach and entrepreneurial spirit. This venture stands as a testament to Roger's ability to transcend boundaries and create impactful experiences that resonate with audiences on multiple levels. Roger is widely acknowledged for his role in transforming London's nightlife landscape during the late 1980s and beyond. By injecting glamour and excitement into a previously lacklustre scene, he became a driving force behind a vibrant era that firmly positioned London as a sought-after destination for unforgettable and thrilling nightlife encounters. In 1997, Roger's exceptional contributions were recognised when The Independent newspaper recognised him as one of London's most successful promoters, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the industry. During this time, Roger masterminded four unique clubnight concepts, including 'The Next Big Thing' on Thursdays at Hanover Grand in Hanover Square, 'Atomic Model' on Fridays at Iceni in Mayfair, and 'Champagne Charlie' on Saturdays at Browns members club in Covent Garden. It was during these award-winning Saturday nights at Browns that Roger led the way in reimagining and popularising table bottle service for premium alcohol brands, a concept that soon permeated into the mainstream and became a symbol of luxury nightlife experiences. Roger also revolutionised traditional door standards and norms by implementing innovative policies, such as entry by guestlist only, even for those willing to pay the admission fee. Disrupting the dress codes, he created an atmosphere that welcomed diversity and celebrated individuality, setting a new standard for inclusivity and exclusivity within the nightlife scene. Among his groundbreaking changes, one stood out: setting the admission fee at an unprecedented £20, a substantial increase from the previous price of £5 in the 1990s. This bold move has since become a benchmark entry fee in most clubs, maintaining its significance to this day. His visionary approach to nightlife has left a lasting impact on the industry, inspiring others to push boundaries and continuously elevate the nightlife experience. Roger's innovative clubnight concepts have achieved legendary status throughout the years, drawing a galaxy of Hollywood A-list celebrities and influential personalities. Renowned for their exceptional and distinctive moments, his events have consistently raised the standards of excellence, making an indelible mark on London's nightlife culture. In addition to his groundbreaking nightlife concepts throughout the 1990s, one of Roger's most iconic achievements was his highly acclaimed 'I AM ROCKSTAR Tuesdays' at Boujis members' club in South Kensington. From I AM ROCKSTAR's launch in 2003 until 2012, these exclusive evenings represented the pinnacle of music, jet-setter lifestyle, and exclusivity. They garnered significant attention from the press and media, becoming a haven for A-list celebrities, drawing actors, film and music moguls, pop icons, and rock stars alike. Roger meticulously curated an atmosphere of unparalleled glamour and excitement, creating a nightlife phenomenon that captured global attention and left a lasting impact. In 2004, Roger's influence extended beyond London when he embarked on a transformative journey, spending a year partly living in Paris. During this time, he brought his unparalleled expertise to the vibrant Parisian nightlife scene, marketing and hosting Fridays at Man Ray, situated off the iconic Champs-Élysées. Meanwhile, in London, Roger continued to make his mark with his renowned nights on Tuesdays at Boujis and Thursdays at Kabarets Prophecy, solidifying his position as a key figure in both cities' nightlife scenes. Roger's remarkable contributions to the nightlife industry were celebrated with the coveted "Outstanding Achievement" award at the London Club & Bar Awards in June 2012. That same year in October, he was honoured as the "Runner-up" in the London Lifestyle Awards' prestigious "Personality of The Year" category, second only to the city's Mayor, Boris Johnson. In 2013, Roger took on the role of in-house marketing manager for COYA Mayfair, lending his expertise while simultaneously offering valuable consultation services to other clients. His unwavering dedication to the nightlife field earned him the inaugural "Service to The Industry" award at the London Club and Bar Awards in June 2013, a testament to his invaluable contributions. Continuing his quest to shape extraordinary nightlife experiences, Roger joined InList Inc. in 2015 as an esteemed Advisory Board Member and City Ambassador. Through this innovative app, he has helped countless individuals discover and secure exclusive access to upscale parties, concerts, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in 45 cosmopolitan cities worldwide. In 2016, Roger took his passion for London's nightlife to new heights by vying for the role of the city's first-ever "night czar." Created by Mayor Sadiq Khan, this position aimed to champion and enhance the nighttime cultural and economic scene. The Evening Standard even featured his candidacy, further highlighting his commitment to shaping the vibrant fabric of London's nightlife. Explore this website to delve into the extraordinary journey of Roger Michael, a trailblazer who has left an indelible mark on the global nightlife industry.
  • Winning Formula
    In 1987, Roger embarked on his journey in the nightlife and leisure industry, organising memorable one-off warehouse and private parties in London during the vibrant era of the "Second Summer of Love" and the rise of acid house rave parties in Britain. The following year, in 1988, he introduced his first concept for an upscale weekly club night at Wall Street, a private members' club located in Mayfair. This marked the beginning of his transformative journey, as he went on to introduce four groundbreaking club night concepts that revolutionised London's nightlife landscape. By 1998, Roger had mastered the art of orchestrating four distinct club nights every week, each achieving remarkable success. These included "Wednesdays at Embargo" in Chelsea, "The Next Big Thing" on Thursdays at Hanover Grand in Hanover Square, "Atomic Model" on Fridays at The Iceni in Mayfair, and "Champagne Charlie" on Saturdays at Browns in Covent Garden. After a successful four-year residency at Browns, he decided to venture into something new and introduced his "Eyeball Arizona" concept on Saturdays at Subterania in Ladbroke Grove, replacing his previous residency. During 1998, Roger took the lead in reimagining and popularising bottle service for premium alcohol brands, offering table service during his renowned Saturday nights at Browns Member's Club. He made this elevated experience more accessible to a broader audience by incorporating it into his other popular nights, such as Thursdays at Hanover Grand and Fridays at Iceni, elevating the overall luxury of the experience. Additionally, he redefined the traditional door standards and norms prevalent in London's nightlife scene at that time, introducing new guest listing terms, dress codes, male-to-female ratios, and an unprecedented admission fee of £20. Roger's pioneering club nights garnered recognition from various publications. In February 1995, The Independent newspaper featured his "The Next Big Thing" Thursday nights at Hanover Grand, praising the concept as a hybrid of Handbag House, dancefloor anthems and a live band - the queue outside is fashionably long but once inside the vibe is uplifting and sociable." Furthermore, in June of the same year, Roger received the esteemed "Longest Guest List" award at the Virgin Energy London Club and Bar Awards for his "Atomic Model" Friday nights at the Iceni Club. Additionally, in June, Roger expanded his outreach by incorporating his first company, Roger Michael Associates Ltd., specialising in nightlife, marketing & promotion, product placement, and special events. In June 1996, Roger's "Champagne Charlie" Saturday nights at Browns captivated audiences and earned him the prestigious "Best Night" award at the Champagne Piper London Club and Bar Awards. His dedication to delivering exceptional experiences was acknowledged once again in December of the same year when The Telegraph Magazine's special issue "London Gets Hip" featured him as a highly regarded "promoter of some of London's most successful club nights." In February 1997, The Independent praised Roger as "London's most successful promoter, whose events are renowned for their style and glamour." In June of that year, he was honoured with the "Best Night" award at the CK Calvin Klein Jeans London Club and Bar Awards for his "The Next Big Thing" Thursday night at Hanover Grand. In February 1998, The Face Magazine featured Roger in its "12 Times-Able" highlighting his remarkable talent for enhancing credibility and his role as "one of famous characters fine-tuning the stars in the spotlight, tweaking their records, restyling their thatches, and choosing their sneakers." Simultaneously, The Independent recognised the significance of Roger's "The Next Big Thing" Thursday nights as a noteworthy occasion "where patrons sport designer gear, you're just as likely to see funky urban fashions. The night maintains a strong aspirational attraction (Ian Wright, Elle MacPherson, Mariah Carey, Jason Kay and Bruce Willis are just a few of the visiting celebrities) while remaining unpretentious." In March 1998, The Sunday Times Style Magazine acknowledged Roger as one of the top go-to fixers who organise the social lives of homesick celebrities, further solidifying his reputation as a trusted and influential figure within the industry. Roger's contributions to the London nightlife scene extended far beyond his iconic club nights. He actively organised and participated in a wide range of memorable club nights and events held at prestigious venues throughout the city. From Roberto's to Stocks (formerly Wedgies), The Pheasantry to Raffles, The Leopard Lounge to Amika, and The Berkeley Playhouse to The Mayfair Club, Roger's diverse ventures brought a plethora of unique and unforgettable experiences to London's vibrant nightlife landscape. Other notable venues where he left his mark included Maddox, Pangaea, The Night Lounge at Morton's, The Emporium, Tantra Club, Jalouse, Monkey Business Club in Covent Garden Piazza, and Yacht Club on Embankment Pier in Westminster. With his unparalleled ability to bring together diverse and international crowds, Roger created a winning formula that forever transformed London's approach to nightlife entertainment. His creative vision and the consistent success of his innovative club nights over the past three decades highlight his significant contribution to shaping and defining London's vibrant nightlife culture.
  • Game Changer
    In May 1998, German GQ published a special London edition of "Cool Britannia," featuring Roger Michael, Tony Blair, then prime minister of England, and other British figures in its cover story. In June, Michael landed an exclusive, game-changing role when he was recruited by public relations firm Astrid Sutton Associates on behalf of Vivienne Westwood. He was tasked with procuring and supplying A-list celebrities for the international launch of Vivienne Westwood's first fragrance, 'Boudoir'. In addition to providing celebrity and guest relations, he oversaw celebrity gifting after the event. The Gatliff Road Depot in London hosted the event. In February 1999, as part of her US team, Vivienne Westwood again recruited Michael to launch her first US store in New York City at 71 Greene Street. In conjunction with her first US fashion show and Red Label debut, he also co-hosted of her red-carpet dinner reception and after-party at the Cow in the meatpacking district to commemorate the three occasions. During September of that year, Next Management London's founding directors, Lorenzo Pedrini and Stefano Checchi, tasked Roger Michael with planning a red-carpet dinner reception and after-party to commemorate the launch of the UK outpost of the worldwide talent network. The dinner reception took place at Thai Square Restaurant and Bar in Trafalgar Square, while the after-party was held at Chinawhite Nightclub on Air Street off Regent Street. Fast forward to 2001, and Vivienne Westwood once again assigned Michael the task of procuring and supplying A-list celebrities for the inaugural Moët and Chandon’s Fashion Tribute at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where Vivienne Westwood was the first designer to be honoured.
  • Continued Success
    Roger Michael's journey in the global nightlife industry has been marked by remarkable achievements and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Let's delve into the highlights that showcase his unparalleled success. In 2003, Roger established the iconic I AM ROCKSTAR brand, captivating audiences worldwide with his boundary-pushing approach. That same year, he introduced the eponymous Tuesday nights at Boujis members' club in South Kensington, setting a new standard for nightlife experiences. These glamorous nights quickly became synonymous with luxury, attracting a constellation of A-list celebrities and influential personalities. Expanding his influence beyond London, Roger ventured to Paris in 2004. He marketed, promoted, and hosted weekly events not only on Tuesdays at Boujis and Thursdays at Kabarets Prophecy in London but also on Fridays at the renowned Man Ray in Paris. His endeavours contributed to the vibrant Parisian nightlife scene, further solidifying his international reputation. Roger's captivating Tuesdays at Boujis gained immense popularity, catching the attention of media and celebrities. An Evening Standard article in 2006 described the nights as "a favourite with Princes William and Harry that is also adored by models, Eurotrash and Hollywood types, including Mickey Rourke." In 2009, travel highlighted "Boujis in Kensington as a globally renowned hotspot for the rich and famous, with Roger's Tuesday nights being the most popular." According to the article, the nights were popular with celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Uma Thurman. Roger's influence was further recognised in April that year when he was named among London's 1000 Most Influential People by the Evening Standard. Between 2009 and 2012, Roger expanded his brand overseas by licensing the sub-brand "I AM ROCKSTAR by Nightlife/Daylife" party concept to premium European venues. These included esteemed locations like Le Bar du Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, Coxy Box in Cannes, Carpe Diem Beach Hvar in Croatia, the 400 Club in Dubai, and Blue Marlin Ibiza Abu Dhabi in the UAE. This expansion showcased Roger's ability to curate exceptional nightlife experiences on an international scale. In early 2010, Roger's reputation continued to soar when restaurateur Marlon Abela appointed him as the creative director of the Night Lounge at Morton's private members' club in Berkeley Square. This position allowed him to further shape London's nightlife scene with his innovative vision. In June of the same year, the Evening Standard once again recognised Roger Michael's influence and impact by naming him one of London's 1000 Most Influential People. The year 2012 brought significant achievements for Roger. His "I AM ROCKSTAR Tuesdays" at Boujis received the prestigious "Best Longest-Running Night" award at the London Club and Bar Awards, a testament to almost nine years of unparalleled success. Roger then embarked on new ambitious projects, concluding I AM ROCKSTAR’s residency at Boujis to explore fresh opportunities for the brand's continued evolution and growth. In August 2012, Roger reached another milestone when TAO Group hired his company, I AM ROCKSTAR, to provide tailored guestlists and guest relations services for the exclusive events of "Club Bud Presents Marquee and TAO's Two-Night-Only." These extraordinary events celebrated NBA Team USA's final weekend at the London Olympics, featuring headline performances by Swizz Beats and Nas at The Roundhouse. Roger's relentless dedication and exceptional contributions to the industry earned him recognition at the London Lifestyle Awards in November 2012. He was honoured as the "Runner-Up" for Personality of the Year, with the prestigious award going to Boris Johnson, London's mayor. In 2013, Roger assumed the role of in-house marketing manager for COYA restaurant bar & members' club in Mayfair, further solidifying his expertise and passion for the nightlife industry. His contributions were acknowledged with the "Services to the Nightlife Industry Award" at the London Club and Bar Awards. Continuing to shape extraordinary nightlife experiences, Roger joined InList Inc. in 2015 as an esteemed Advisory Board Member and City Ambassador. Through this innovative mobile app, he has helped countless individuals discover and access upscale nightlife, event ticketing, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in over 45 jet-set cities worldwide. In 2016, Roger's commitment to shaping London's vibrant nightlife led him to vie for the role of Sadiq Khan's first "night czar." The Evening Standard highlighted his candidacy, showcasing his dedication to enhancing the city's nighttime cultural and economic scene. Today, Roger Michael stands as the driving force behind I AM ROCKSTAR, an esteemed agency renowned for its expertise in hospitality, entertainment, luxury lifestyle management, and concierge services. With a visionary mindset and unparalleled knowledge, the agency consistently establishes new benchmarks, crafting extraordinary bespoke experiences for discerning clients. From creating immersive events to orchestrating lifestyle and concierge services, the I AM ROCKSTAR Agency continually delivers excellence, redefining the notion of luxury at every turn. Guided by Roger's unwavering pursuit of perfection and supported by a hand-picked team of professionals, the agency continues to shape its future as a trusted partner, dedicated to curating exceptional moments that leave a lasting impact.
  • Events Highlights
    1997 - The Colgate Platinum Elite Premier Model Modelling Competition: Held at the Connaught Rooms in London. Roger Michael provided assistance to the founders of Elite Premier in areas such as securing alcohol sponsorship, and talent coordination. 1998 - Launch of Vivienne Westwood’s debut Fragrance, 'Boudoir': International press and media dinner reception held at Gatliff Road Depot in London to introduce Vivienne Westwood's debut fragrance. Roger Michael was responsible for sending invitations, securing A-list celebrity guests, guest relations, and arranging celebrity gift distribution after the event. 1998 - MAYBELLINE New York x 'The Next Big Thing' by Roger Michael: London Launch of U.S Cosmetics brand in collaboration with Roger Michael's renowned Thursday nights concept: Held at Hanover Grand, 6 Hanover Street in London. 1998 - Sophie Dhal’s 21st Birthday Celebration: Held at The Berkeley Playhouse in Mayfair, London. Roger Michael planned and produced the event. 1999 - Next Management's London outpost launch, in association with Revlon, hosted by supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova. The event marked an exciting moment as Next expanded its presence in London.: A red-carpet dinner reception held at Thai Square, Trafalgar Square, followed by an after-party at Chinawhite on Air Street in London. Roger Michael organised and oversaw notable guests' attendance at both events, involving meticulous planning and coordination. 1999 - Puff Daddy’s 2nd Album "Forever" London Launch: Held at Café de Paris in London. Roger Michael, Mark Baker, and Jeffrey Jah co-produced the event with Puff’s record company. Michael provided a tailored guest list of celebrities, socialites, and VIPs. 2000 - Bryan Adams’ Debut Photography Exhibition: An exhibition and reception held at The Saatchi Gallery in St John's Wood NW8. Roger Michael worked on both the exhibition and reception as part of the planning and production team led by Stephanie Hoppen, Michael Hoppen, and Katy Barker. 2001 - The Inaugural Moët & Chandon and V&A Fashion Tribute honouring Vivienne Westwood as the first recipient: Held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Roger Michael provided A-list celebrities as well as guest relations management. 2002 - Next Management's inaugural "Face of 2000" Model Search After-party: The event took place at the Emporium Club on Kingly Street. Roger Michael was tasked with finding a venue and co-hosting the event with Next Team. 2003 - Cerruti 1881 Fragrance Launch: Held at 33 Portland Place in London. Roger Michael provided a tailored guest list of socialites and VIPs for Trudi Collister, the communications manager at Unilever Cosmetics International. 2003 - Chris Cornell and Audio Slave’s London Concert Pre-party: Held at Aura Mayfair in London. Roger Michael and Nick Blast planned, produced, and co-hosted the event. 2003 - Sports Illustrated European edition debut with the captivating cover featuring Petra Nemcova. The UK launch and the unveiling of the cover coincided with a remarkable event held at The Collection in Chelsea, followed by an unforgettable after-party at Tantra Club on Kingly Street in London. The after-party was skillfully planned and co-hosted by Roger Michael. 2003 - Cathy and David Guetta's release of their debut collection CD, titled "F*** Me I'm Famous": The release party was held at the Ministry of Sound in London. Roger Michael curated a personalised guest list of notable individuals and shared hosting duties for the event. 2004 - Lionel Richie and Thomas Flohr’s Private party in London: Held at Thomas Flohr’s private residence in Knightsbridge, London. Roger Michael initiated the party and was responsible for planning, directing, and selecting attendees. 2004 - Robbie Williams’ Greatest Hits Album Launch & Best-selling U.K Artist Party: Held at l’Etoile in Paris, France. Roger Michael provided a tailored guest list of socialites, models, and VIPs for the event. 2005 - Fiction Plane's Album Release party:Held at The Marquee Club in London. Roger Michael curated a tailored guest list and served as a co-host. 2005 - "Shoot Me! London Launch" by Fashion TV: Held at The Roof Gardens in Kensington in London. The series starred Roger Michael as a promoter, and he played a key role in producing, planning, and curating a tailored guest list of celebrities and notable guests for the event. In 2006 - Supermodel Liya Kebede's 24th Birthday x Grand opening of Black Calvados, owned by Nick Blast and Chris Cornell: Held at 40 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75008. The collaboration was initiated by Roger Michael.The collaboration was initiated by Roger Michael. 2007 - The 40th Anniversary of Private Adult films during the 60th Cannes Film Festival: Held at the Carlton Cannes Hotel and was produced by Nikki Beach. Roger Michael co-hosted the event and curated a guest list tailored to the occasion. 2008 - Kiera Chaplin x Ibiza Style Magazine party with Jurgen Bushe: Held at the Ibiza Lounge in Ibiza Old Town. Roger Michael secured Chaplin for the cover, assisted editor with location shooting, and organised the party. 2009 - Chris Cornell's Solo Studio Album "Scream" x London Concert After-party: Held at Raffles members' club in Chelsea, London. Roger Michael planned, produced, and co-hosted the event. 2010 - The Inaugural UFC European Launch x Inaugural UK Fight: Held at Altitude 360 in London. Roger Michael co-hosted the party and provided a tailored list of socialites and VIPs. 2012 - David Wertheimer, heir to Chanel, 24th Birthday: Held at Coya restaurant in Mayfair, followed by an after-party at Annabel's member's club in Mayfair. The event was organised and produced by Roger Michael, who oversaw the dinner reception and guests' coordination from Coya to the after-party.
  • Awards
    2013: Services to The Industry Award - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2012: Best Longest-running Night Award - "I AM ROCKSTAR" Tuesdays at Boujis by Roger Michael - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2012: Personality of the Year "Runner-Up Award" (to the winner London Mayor, Boris Johnson) - Presented at The London Lifestyle Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2008: Outstanding Achievement Award - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2008: Best Night Award - "I AM ROCKSTAR" Tuesdays at Boujis by Roger Michael - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2007: Best Night Award - "I AM ROCKSTAR" Tuesdays at Boujis by Roger Michael - Presented at The Brahma London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2007: Up All Night Award - Presented at The Brahma London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2006: Greatest Night Award - "I AM ROCKSTAR" Tuesdays at Boujis by Roger Michael - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 2005: Best Party Organiser Award - Presented at The London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 1997: Best Night Award - "The Next Big Thing" Thursdays at Hanover Grand by Roger Michael - Presented at The cK Calvin Klein Jeans London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 1996: Best Night Award - "Champagne Charlie" Saturdays at Browns by Roger Michael - Presented at The Champagne Piper London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 1995: Best Promoter Award - Presented at The Virgin Energy London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 1995: Longest Guestlist Award - "Atomic Model" Fridays at Iceni by Roger Michael - Presented at The Virgin Energy London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael 1994: The Rudest Door Host Award - "Atomic Model" Fridays at Iceni by Roger Michael - Presented at The T.A.G London Club & Bar Awards - Recipient: Roger Michael
  • Autobiography
    Roger Michael's highly anticipated autobiography is set to be released in 2025. This compelling memoir delves into the extraordinary life journey of one of London's most influential promoters, renowned for his expertise in nightlife marketing and extraordinary special events. In his captivating book, Roger Michael shares the transformative story of how he revolutionised the nightlife scene in London. Through his innovative strategies and unparalleled vision, he brought about a paradigm shift in the city's approach to nighttime entertainment. From humble beginnings to commanding a prominent position in the industry, Roger's experiences offer an inspiring narrative of determination, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This autobiography paints a vivid picture of Roger Michael's personal and professional triumphs, giving readers an intimate glimpse into the challenges he faced and the obstacles he overcame along the way. It explores the pivotal moments, groundbreaking initiatives, and daring decisions that forever altered the landscape of London's nightlife, leaving an indelible mark on the city's social fabric. Through candid reflections and captivating anecdotes, Roger Michael invites readers into his world, providing valuable insights into the strategies, techniques, and philosophies that propelled him to success. With his distinctive voice and unwavering passion, he weaves a narrative that resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs, nightlife enthusiasts, and anyone seeking inspiration to make a lasting impact in their chosen field. Prepare to be captivated by Roger Michael's autobiography, as he takes you on a compelling journey that showcases the power of ambition, innovation, and perseverance. Mark your calendars for 2025, when this eagerly awaited book will be available to transport you into the electrifying world of London's nightlife revolution.
  • Filmography
    2005 - Shoot Me! London TV series (starring Alexa Chung) Role as "The Promoter" in Episodes 7 & 10 Fashion TV 2009 - Knife Edge Role in wedding scene Director Anthony Hickox
  • Press Articles
    2010s: 2016 - "Roger Michael puts name on list for Mayor Sadiq Khan's night czar role" - Evening Standard 2010 - "Prince William and Harry Party Scene in London" - Daily Beast 2010 - "Roger Michael: One of London's 1000 Most Influential People" - Evening Standard 2009 - "Roger Michael: One of London's 1000 Most Influential People" - Evening Standard 2000s: 2006 - "Tuesdays at Boujis as hosted by Roger Michael...a favourite with Princes William and Harry that is also adored by models, Eurotrash, and Hollywood types" - Evening Standard 1990s: 1998 - "Cool Britannia: Roger Michael featured alongside England's Prime Minister Tony Blair" - GQ Germany (Special Edition) 1998 - "Enhancer of credibility" - The Face 1998 - "El Diablo: Roger Michael, the Spectacular Promoter" - Brazil Vogue 1998 - "Meet the fixers whose job it is to organise the social lives of homesick celebrities" - The Sunday Times Magazine 1998 - "Club Guru, Roger Michael has revealed the must-have name at any celeb bash worth its glitter" - More Magazine 1998 - "Bring on the party boys... 'If we want to have a party, we go to Oddbins. If Madonna, George Michael or Mick Jagger throw a bash, they go to Mark Armstrong and Roger Michael'" - Evening Standard 1997 - "Now one of London’s most successful promoters, his events are renowned for their sense of style and glamour" - The Independent 1996 - "Promoter of some of London's most successful club nights" - Telegraph Magazine 1996 - "Roger Michael: One of Britain's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors" - Company Magazine 1994 - "Ace of Clubs: Roger Michael and the T.A.G London Club & Bar Awards Winners" - ES Magazine


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